Going Crazy for You: Sapphire Falls Kindle World Novella by Allison Gatta

cover112138-medium.pngGoing Crazy for You: Sapphire Falls Kindle World Novella by Allison Gatta was released in October 2016. The genre of this book is a young adult/new adult romance novel. This book is the love story of Sam and Violet. The author creates characters and a setting that you can see yourself in. I like how this story has a lot of ups and downs but endings on a happy note. While this is a short story, only seventy-seven pages long, I did find it a good read. I recommend this book for any romance novel lovers.  **I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.**   So, loves check it out and get your copy HERE. 

SYNOPSIS: Wade Farrow hates everything about small towns–how everyone seems to know each other, how community is next to godliness, how even the smallest detail can spread around town like wildfire. So, when he was 18, he packed up his things and left Sapphire Falls never to return–until now. After his sister’s sudden death, he’s forced to head home to care for his only remaining relative: his seven-year-old nephew. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, Wade walks in to discover that he’s not alone in caring for his nephew–his sister’s estate has been keeping a live-in nanny, and she’s got a whole set of rules all her own…

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