Dramatically Ever After: Ever After Series Book #2 by Isabel Bandeira

cover112528-mediumDramatically Ever After by Isabel Bandeira is the second book in the Ever After Series that is scheduled to be release on June 6, 2017 by Spencer Hill Press and is a young adult novel. This book is a follow up to Bookishly Ever After which mainly focused on Phoebe. While Dramatically Ever After is focused on Em. The book continues almost where it left off. Em is in theater because she loves acting, but she also loves history too. She is trying very hard to get a scholarship so that she can attend the university of her dreams. Her mood is dampened when she learns that she is not the only one who was chosen to complete in US Youth Change Council. Kris Lambert the senior class president, also got a spot. Together, they are to spend a week in Boston with the other winners. Can she handle Kris’s big ego? Given their past she does not think much of Kris. However, Kris surprises her by being nice to her and they share a very sweet moments. Will this new found peace backfire for them at weeks end? You will have to read the book to find the answer to that question. I found this to be a sweet, fun read. Bandeira does an amazing job creating the plot line and characters in a way that will leave you guessing from page to page about what will happen at the end! **I received an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.**

SYNOPSIS: In this companion to Bookishly Ever After, Em Katsaros’ senior year is not shaping up to be the picture perfect movie she had imagined. Her super-hot leading man is five thousand miles away, her dad just got laid off, and Em can kiss her first-pick university goodbye if she doesn’t snag a scholarship. But when Em cinches a spot in the US Youth Change Council competition national round, she has a chance to turn this Shakespearean tragedy into an Academy Award-winning dream. The downside? Kris Lambert—senior class president and her nemesis—is going, too. She knows his game way too well―cozy up to your opponents and throw them under the bus on your way to victory. Instead of becoming his next victim, Em decides to turn the tables by putting her acting and flirting skills to work. Unfortunately, as they get close to the final competition and judging, reality and acting start to blur. Find out if Em’s acting skills turn her dreams into reality in the second book of the Ever After series.

        About the author:

Isabel Bandeira grew up surrounded by trees and lakes in Southern New Jersey, right on the edge of the Pine Barrens. Her summers were always spent in Portugal, where the cathedrals, castles, and ancient tombs only fed her fairy tale obsession. Between all those influences and her serious glitter addiction, it wasn’t a surprise when she started writing stories of her own. In her free time between writing and her day job as a Mechanical Engineer who designs and develops medical devices, she reads, dances, figure skates, and knits. Isabel lives in New Jersey with her little black cat, too many books, and a closetful of vintage hats. She is represented by Carrie Howland of Donadio and Olson, Inc. BOOKISHLY EVER AFTER is her debut novel.


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