Struggling With Your Weight? You Can Control Your Diet!

Are you struggling with your diet? Do you find it hard to stay on track? Are you easy to give in to that unhealthy snack in the middle of the day? Well I have a few tricks and tips that might help you stay on track and avoiding cheating on your diet with those extra calories and that unhealthy junk food. Keep in mind that I am not a health care professional and all of these tips/tricks are what work for me, they are not for everyone.

First, I plan ahead on making sure I have fruit, not candy, on my desk. The fresher the better and none of the fruit cups that are packed in sugary liquid. I suggest apples or bananas since they are easy to store and eat. If apples and bananas are not your thing then chose a fruit that you like.

Next, if you crave that doughnut like I do when I walk past the bakery then change your routine. I done this and not only am I not eating that donut full of calories and fat, but I am getting extra exercise in by taking those extra steps in my new route.

I also plan my meals on Sunday for the week. Now this to some may be a dreaded task and at first it was for me. Then I saw the amount of calories I am cutting each week and knew it was well worth the effort. Eating out for lunch each day not only is expensive but most of those lunch specials are loaded with fat and calories. When I go to the grocery store to buy my ingredients for my weekly lunches, I always shop with a list. This helps me to avoid buying those sugary snacks that usually end up it a lot of lunch bags.

Another way to avoid the temptation is to stock healthy foods in your kitchen and keep healthy snacks in your purse or car.  I found that if I keep ingredients for quick meals on hand to cook well balanced meals without spending a lot of time preparing and cooking that healthy meal it makes it easier when I get home from a long day. Also, I put snack portions into small, single-serving plastic bags so that I can grab a quick snack when I am watching television or reading.

One final step when you go out to eat that will save you extra pounds and money is to choose vegetables, drink water and avoid food that is fried or covered in unhealthy sauces. I hope that these tips and tricks work as well for you as they do for me!



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