All Things New by Lauren Miller

All Things NewAll Things New by Lauren Miller is a book that will pull at your heart strings leaving you crying one minute and laughing the next.  Lauren Miller is an incredible writer and does an amazing job creating the characters, plot setting and over all tone of this book. I am very impressed with the way Miller created a story that everyone can relate to at some point in their life. I will admit that this book at times is really sad but next thing you know something will happen that will make you laugh out loud. The book follows Jessa Gray who is a teenager that battles with anxiety while trying to keep it a secret from everyone. Jessa at the beginning has an argument with her boyfriend, Wren, causing them to break up.  She leaves his house upset and in the middle on a panic attack.  Then the unexpected happens and next thing she knows she is waking up to a voice telling her that everything will be ok.  The wreck cause her to suffer from brain damage. While it is not noticeable, she cannot reply or imagine an image in her mind.  When she looks at people she sees “bruises” or damage/injuries making her think she is going crazy. Lucky for Jessa her dad is also at the hospital and suggests that she leave Los Angeles and going back to Colorado with him, She quickly takes him up on the offer trying to get away from her mom and the many arguments they have had over the past few months. When Jess and her dad (Eric) get to Colorado, she manages to start high school and make two new friends. She also meets a doctor/therapists at her new school whose voice sound very fimilar but she can’t figure out why. Has the story goes through many ups and downs, Jessa knows she can count on Hannah and Marshall. After learning that Marshall has a disability himself, they soon become more then friends. Towards the end of the book Jessa’s relationship with her mom and dad make a complete turn around. She also learns after meeting the real school therapist, that the man she was talking to while thinking he is the doctor is actually an angel. This is a really great story! . ** I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.**  You can get your copy HERE. 

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Jessa Gray has always felt broken inside, but she’s gotten very good at hiding it. No one at school knows about the panic attacks, the therapy that didn’t help, the anxiety meds that haven’t worked. But when a severe accident leaves her with a brain injury and noticeable scars, Jessa’s efforts to convince the world that she’s okay finally crumble–now she looks as shattered as she feels. Fleeing from her old life in Los Angeles, Jessa moves to Colorado to live with her dad, but things go from bad to worse when she realizes she’s seeing bruises and scars on the people around her that no one else can see. She blames it on the accident, but as her body heals and the hallucinations continue, Jessa wonders if what she’s seeing could somehow have a deeper meaning. In her quest for answers, she falls for Marshall, a boy with a heart defect whose kindness and generous spirit slowly draw Jessa out of her walled-off shell and into the broken, beautiful, real world–a place where souls get hurt just as badly as bodies, and we all need each other to heal. ALL THINGS NEW is a love story about perception and truth, physical and emotional pain, and the messy, complicated people we are behind the masks we put on for the world, perfect for fans of ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.

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