Every Piece of Me: Discovering the Real You by Jerusha Clark – Book Review

32510926Every Piece of Me: Discovering the Real You by Jerusha Clark with an expected publication date of August 1st 2017 by Baker Publishing Group and is a spiritual growth for women book. Throughout Scripture, God reveals himself as the great I Am. He does not define himself with reference to any thing, person, or trait. He isand that is enough. Women find themselves in a far different situation. When we introduce ourselves, we typically describe ourselves in terms of our relationships (the wife, mother, daughter, sister, or friend of someone else) or in terms of our accomplishments (our title, position, education, or accolades). When our identity is wrapped up in these external things, we inevitably (and exhaustingly!) strive to prove ourselves worthy of love, attention, or affirmation.God never meant for us to focus on whether we are “enough,” whether we measure up. He made us–every piece of us–to be just as he is. Jerusha Clark discovered this while exploring Jesus’s seven powerful “I am” statements recorded in the Gospel of John. She invites women to join her in embracing the life and truth of these words, relishing the freedom of an identity fixed on Christ alone while leaving behind fear, bitterness, busyness, and toxic thoughts that steal our joy and limit our power.



About the author: Jerusha Clark is the author or coauthor of several books on spiritual growth, women’s issues, marriage, and mental health, including the bestselling Every Thought Captive, and Your Teenager Is Not Crazy (coauthored with her husband, Dr. Jeramy Clark). She also enjoys teaching at churches, retreats, schools, and conferences. She lives near San Diego, California.

My thoughts:  Every Piece of Me by Jersuha Clark is a spiritual growth book for women. I really enjoyed reading this book and feel that it is a perfect read for any woman who is struggling with self-worth. This self help book will open your eyes and allow you to see yourself the way God sees you, as his creation. Throughout this book you will find scripture, reflection and stories that will help you to understand that labels are not important. The only thing that should matter is that God loves you for you and as long as you see yourself the way God sees you that is all that matters. ** I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. ** 

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