Javaya Craft Coffee Marketplace – Review


Just received my first bag of coffee (delivered to my front door!) from the Javaya Craft Coffee Marketplace!  I went to the Javaya website and LOVED the roaster and coffee choices I had.  By choosing a roasting date that worked for my schedule, I ensured that my coffee showed up at my door super fresh (my own “Future Fresh” date)!  My coffee arrived almost immediately after roasting, and it was DELICIOUS!  This new site rocks and I think it’s the best way to buy local specialty coffee.  Thanks Javaya!

  • Each roaster is hand-selected by the experts at Javaya. Each coffee is sampled by experts as well, and always roasted in small-batches with the strictest quality guidelines.
  • Every roaster and every coffee has a story and Javaya invites you to explore. Imagine a “farmer’s market for coffee, but online”
  • Javaya gets you beans fresher than you’ll find anywhere else, including your local coffee shop!
  • You won’t find the coffees on Javaya anywhere else online; they’re mostly platform exclusive
  • The prices are better than you’ll find anywhere online; and shipping is included so there’s no surprises
  • This isn’t a subscription box. They never lock you into anything. It’s an open marketplace and Javaya prefers that you *explore* and find something that you’ll love. No strings attached.
  • Connect with Javaya!

I really enjoyed the lovely cup of fresh ground and fresh brewed coffee while reading an amazing book on a beautiful autumn day. If you love having a hot cup of coffee while curled up in a warm fuzzy blanket while reading than Javaya Craft Coffee is for you!

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