Should indie authors use a blog tour to promote their books?

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I read many books written by indie authors. Some of them are easy to fall in love with but others do not hold up to the hype. When an indie author self publishes a book deciding how to promote that book can be a challenge. Can a blog book tour help get your book sales or reviews? How do you decide which pr company to use? Will it really work? Hopefully, this will help you answer some if not all of these questions.

Can a blog book tour help get your book sales or reviews? A blog book tour will get your book into the hands of many book bloggers who love to read and share their review to their audience. While this will get you loads of reviews, it does not guarantee sales. So, maybe you should ask yourself if the cost of the tour is worth all the reviews.  Keep in mind that positive reviews, especially it there are several will bring attention to your book and could create a sale or two.

Which company should you use? There are many promotional book tour companies all promising to get your book in the hands of bloggers who are willing to review but can you trust them to get the job done? You really need to do your research when deciding which company is right for you. Do your homework and research their creditably. Look into the current tours they are promoting to see if they are creating a buzz. Check to see if you like the style or tone of these tours and see if that fits with your book. It will do you no good to be on blogs that cater to the wrong genres or have no audience. Check to see how many interactions their tour stops are getting. See how many combined followers they have on social media and how active they are.

What kind of tours are best? These book tours can range in price from $50 to thousands. How do you decide what is the best package? There are various packages offered:  just reviews, or spotlights, with or without book excerpts, or high-traffic industry newsletters. How many days should your book tour run? I think you should set a budget and find a tour within your price range that offers you the kind of exposure you are looking for. Keep in mind that your may get a guarantee number of reviews but that does not guarantee sales. If you decide to do a spotlight tour be prepared to right guest posts or answer interview questions that all need to be done on a deadline.

Should you do a giveaways? Let’s face it everyone loves something for free and giveaways will draw attention. However, you should give something away other than your book. Most people will enter the giveaway hoping to win the book and not purchase your book. By giving an Amazon gift card, you’re encouraging them to buy books with their winnings, maybe even yours. Plus giveaways can provide you a chance to build up your subscriber list for your newsletter and your social media followers by giving them extra entries to those who subscribe or follow.

Negatives? Remember, book tours don’t always translate into immediate sales. They are all about exposure and getting your book into the hands of book bloggers. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see an immediate spike in sales.

Overall, you must decide if a tour is right for you and what kind. Also, while a tour does not promise sales, you will get reviews, followers and readers. I hope this helps you decide if a book blog tour is right for your book.

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