The Girl with the Broken Heart by Lurlene McDaniel – Review

The Girl with the Broken HeartThe Girl with the Broken Heart by Lurlene McDaniel –  Publication date of December 18th, 2018 by Delacorte Press – young adult

An inspirational story about love, tragedy, heartbreak, and renewal as a young woman deals with her serious health issues, a fractured family life, and the prospect of romantic love while trying to remain focused on her studies and a lifelong dream.

Kenzie Caine is enrolled at Vanderbilt University, with the goal of becoming a veterinarian. When she lands a summer job caring for and helping to rehabilitate abused horses at the Bellmeade Estate stables, she is over-the-moon happy. One place she does not want to be is at home with her parents. Since the tragic death of Kenzie’s younger sister, her mother has unraveled and her father has lost Kenzie’s trust.

At the stables, Kenzie is in her element. But a serious heart condition limits her ability to complete the more physical aspects of the job, so her employers have tasked the charming Austin Boyd with helping her. But Austin has secrets. And as Kenzie and Austin become closer, those secrets threaten to harm their relationship, as well as reveal other startling truths.

Once again Lurlene McDaniel delivers the type of story for which she is famous–and readers everywhere will be reaching for their tissues.

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Lurlene McDanielAbout the author: Lurlene McDaniel (born c. 1948) is an author who has written over 50 young adult books. She is well known for writing about characters struggling with chronic and terminal illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and organ failure.

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My Review: The Girl with the Broken Heart by Lurlene McDaniel is a fast-paced young adult novel that is the perfect leisurely read with a hint of mystery. A wonderful story that I simply could not put down. The characters are realistic and well-developed. You will fall in love with the characters from the beginning and only grow more attached with each page you read. A story full of love, loss, heartbreak, and second chances that is sure to warm your heart. The perfect read for horse-lovers and romance readers. This romantic action-packed page-turner is sure to draw you in and hold your attention until the end, even staying with you long after you finish reading. I highly recommend The Girl with the Broken Heart and look forward to reading more from Lurlene McDaniel. ** I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.** 

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