Queen of Ruin: Grace and Fury #2 by Tracy Banghart – Review

Queen of Ruin (Grace and Fury, #2)Queen of Ruin (Grace and Fury #2) by Tracy Banghart –  The stakes are higher and the battles bolder in Tracy Banghart’s unputdownable sequel to Grace and Fury.

Banished by Asa at the end of Grace and Fury, Nomi and Malachi find themselves powerless and headed towards their all-but-certain deaths. Now that Asa sits on the throne, he will stop at nothing to make sure Malachi never sets foot in the palace again. Their only hope is to find Nomi’s sister, Serina, on the prison island of Mount Ruin. But when Nomi and Malachi arrive, it is not the island of conquered, broken women that they expected. It is an island in the grip of revolution, and Serina–polite, submissive Serina–is its leader.

Betrayal, grief, and violence have changed both sisters, and the women of Mount Ruin have their sights set on revenge beyond the confines of their island prison. They plan to sweep across the entire kingdom, issuing in a new age of freedom for all. But first they’ll have to get rid of Asa, and only Nomi knows how.

Separated once again, this time by choice, Nomi and Serina must forge their own paths as they aim to tear down the world they know, and build something better in its place.

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (July 2, 2019)
Sold by: Hachette Book Group
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
ISBN-10: 0316471453
ISBN-13: 978-0316471459

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Tracy BanghartAbout the author:  Tracy Banghart grew up in rural Maryland and spent her summers on a remote island in northern Ontario. All of that isolation and lovely scenery gave her the time to read voraciously and the inspiration to write her own stories. Always a bit of a nomad, Tracy now travels the world Army-wife style with her husband, son, cat, and sweet pupper Scrabble.

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Review of Queen of Ruin

Queen of Ruin is the second book in the young adult fantasy series Grace and Fury written by Tracy Banghart. While this is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone novel but once you read Queen of Ruin you will want to read the first book in the series titled, Grace and Fury.  Queen of Ruin starts where the first book leaves off and each character recaps what happened to explain what’s going on.  Now they face a new battle as they fight to destroy the new Heir King. The Grace and Fury series reminds me of The Handmaiden’s Tale because the men rule and women are superior. The characters are vivid and well-developed with intriguing backstories that help to create depth to the storyline. I recommend Queen of Ruin and the Grace and Fury Series to readers who love a captivating young adult fantasy. ** I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**    

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