Review: Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff by Dana K. White

35554134Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff by Dana K. White was published on February 27th, 2018 by Thomas Nelson. While the world seems to be in love with the idea of tiny houses and minimalism, real women with real families who are constantly growing and changing simply can’t purge it all and start from nothing. Yet a home with too much stuff is a home that is difficult to maintain, so where do we begin? Add in paralyzing emotional attachments and constant life challenges, and it can feel almost impossible to make real decluttering progress.

In Decluttering at the Speed of Life, decluttering expert and author Dana White identifies the mind-sets and emotional challenges that make it difficult to declutter. Then, in her signature humorous approach, she provides workable solutions to break through these struggles and get the clutter out—for good! Continue reading

Looking for stylish phone cases? Casely is the one for you!


So loves, if you are like me you can never have enough phone cases. I sometimes even match them to my outfit or mood. That is why I am always on the lookout for new cases at affordable prices. When I found CaselyI knew I had to try out their monthly subscription box.  I received my first box and was instantly amazed at the quality! I find that for the price this is an amazing easy way to add a new addition to my phone case stash. So, if you are a phone case lover like me you should give them a try for yourself!


For $15 a month plus free shipping to the U.S you get: Build a collection of protective cases (without breaking the bank) to always have the perfect case for any occasion

  • Casely has 3 different packages that offer a Monthly Plan delivering a new case every month and a Seasonal Plan delivering a new case every 3 months — Both plans are $15/Casely (easily skip a month or cancel at anytime!)
  • They also have a 3-month prepaid plan for $14/month (renews every 3 months!)
  • All of Casely’s cases are made of hard polycarbonate backing & TPU sides so they extremely durable and protective!
  • You can customize your Casely profile by choosing any of these 3 style options:
    • Classic:  case with marble styles or simple patterns
    • Bold & Adventurous: cases with brighter colors & funkier designs
    • Up for Anything!: both Classic and Bold & Adventurous cases
  • Past subscription styles are sold in their  “Vintage Casely” retail shop; 4 new styles are released each month on the 15th
  • They ship free to US & $10 flat rate to anywhere worldwide
  • Additional device options coming soon!