By Your Side by Kasie West


I really love a good book! You know the one that keeps you up all night because you can’t put it down. The type of book where you fall in love with the characters and have to know what happens next. Well that is exactly the type of book that By Your Side by Kasie West  was for me. I admit that I was drawn in by the cover. Kasie West books always have cute covers. I really like how you can judge a book by its cover with this author and she never disappoints me! By Your Side  is about two people who get stuck in the library all weekend. I mean how awesome would that be! Autumn has anxiety and I appreciated how well she was written and the message that came across with it. Autumn was still a strong character, but it also showed how she dealt with it (or in some cases didn’t deal with it). Anxiety is a real and scary disorder that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. This disorder can control your live in many ways. Then there is Dax who was smooth and easy despite his upbringing. He had a lot going on even though he wasn’t given a lot to start with. A true opposites attracts!  This is a great read for anyone who loves a good love story.